Tech Solutions For Wildfire Detection

wildfire detection


The world’s forests cover a total area of 4.06 billion hectares. Wildfires emit an astonishing amount of carbon dioxide, estimated at around 6-8 billion tons. Surprisingly, this emission equals roughly 20% of global CO2 emissions. As the climate keeps changing, experts anticipate that wildfires will intensify more in the upcoming years. Nonetheless, technological advancements aimed at tackling this significant issue offer a glimmer of hope. Let’s delve into the main innovative solutions for wildfire detection.


Satellite technology offers vital wildfire data. High-res satellites with optical remote sensing tools use visible and infrared sensors to study fires. These sensors in near-infrared, mid-infrared, and thermal bands detect vegetation health changes. They assess fire-affected areas and burn severity, aiding forest management.

wildfire detection
wildfire detection

Thermal cameras:

Infrared thermal imaging technology serves as a critical component in forest fire prevention by enabling all-weather, long-distance, and wide-range real-time monitoring. By analyzing temperature changes from above the forest canopy, this technology promptly identifies potential fire risks. In comparison to traditional smoke sensing methods, thermal imaging technology provides early warning capabilities, detecting high-temperature points and issuing alarms during the heat accumulation stage. However, it is worth considering that implementing this technology requires significant costs and infrastructure investment.


Drones have the capability to stay airborne for extended periods, up to eight hours, enabling them to carry wildfire detection technologies and communicate directly with forest service teams. They serve as an excellent alternative for tracking wildfire spread in situations where smoke obstructs the visibility for manned aircraft.Drones can be equipped with both regular and thermal imaging cameras, enabling them to capture visual and heat signatures of wildfires. They also have the advantage of  flying at night when winds calm down, and fires theoretically become easier to control.

wildfire detection

IoT devices:

IoT sensors can provide real-time data for early wildfire detection and management. They can monitor environmental conditions in fire-prone forest areas and alert quickly when a fire starts. They can also send data to a central platform that can analyze and visualize the data, as well as notify relevant authorities and stakeholders. This can help firefighters and first responders to plan and execute firefighting operations more efficiently, as well as reduce the impact of wildfires on people and nature.


In conclusion, IoT sensors are a superior solution for early wildfire detection and management. Unlike other systems which can be slow, costly, and dependent on infrastructure, IoT sensors can alert quickly when a fire starts. They can help firefighters and first responders to plan and execute firefighting operations more efficiently, as well as reduce the impact of wildfires on people and nature.


ForestGuard is a cutting-edge startup committed to wildfire detection and prevention through advanced IoT technology. Our unique, patent-awarded devices are placed on trees without harming trees or requiring any infrastructure that allows them to operate even in remote areas where infrastructure is not available. Our IoT devices are designed to collect atmospheric data like humidity, temperature, and air pressure and transfer these data in even the most remote forest areas.

With AI-assisted algorithms, we detect fire hazards and notify authorities up to 80% earlier than traditional methods. Furthermore, our gas classification feature can detect explosive, flammable, and poisonous gases with a high degree of accuracy, minimizing the risk of false alarms and increasing the reliability of the system. In the case of any abnormalities in the coming data, authorities, and firefighters are notified, so that we can reduce the time it takes to react to wildfires and limit their spread.

By preventing wildfires from causing environmental, economic, and social harm, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality for every living being on the globe.

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